What is HelpingHomes?

We are a free website for any Australian that needs emergency accommodation due to the bushfires putting their own homes at risk. We are also a place to get the message out for those who can take others in.

This platform is for direct communication between evacuees and our good samaritans. We ask that you please read our conversation recommendations list to try and make sure that all points are covered. We understand that this is already a hard time for everyone, it can be easy to forget something.

Want to know what we have been involved in? Read our catch-me-up pieces to find out more.

Why does the website look different?

Firstly - if you're returning since we released our first website, welcome back!

As we have grown as a team, it is only fitting that our website does as well! Don’t be alarmed if you come back during an active season and we look a little different again. The platform will be more focused on easy registration and finding offers.

Bottom line, we want the website to be as easy to use as possible.


We need you.

2020 has had a rough start. The bushfires season this year was the worst many of us had ever seen, it can be hard when there has been no recovery time between that and COVID-19. This is not a time to lose hope. We cannot forget the amazing spirit that we created, nurtured and shared this summer. Help us let that spirit live on!

We really hope that next summer is nowhere near as bad as the one we just went through - but we want to be prepared for the worst.

Please, if you think you might be able to help those who may need to flee from natural disasters - bushfires or floods - register below.

We'll never share your email with anyone else.

We will contact you next time there is a major catastrophe and people need a place to evacuate too. We understand situations change so do not feel pressure to sign up right away.



We believe it is important to remember our past. It helps us motivate us to strive to do better next time and to pay homage to those that have fought for a better tomorrow.

That is why each time we activate the platform, we are growing and progressing as much as we can.
Read our journey so far.

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