Founded in January 2020 during the devastating bushfires, HelpingHomes became a beacon of hope across Australia. As the wake of the bushfires left many people without a haven in which to rest and recover, HelpingHomes reassured evacuees of their next steps by connecting them to good Samaritans with rooms to spare. Exceeding expectations, HelpingHomes became a community reflecting the Aussie spirit of camaraderie and perseverance.

The HelpingHomes online platform was founded by HelpingGroup, a not-for-profit organisation geared toward finding innovative ways to make positive social change. To learn more about the unique and exciting ways in which HelpingGroup are supporting local communities, visit the Helping Group website.

About HelpingHomes

HelpingHomes has been and always will be a free platform designed for direct communication to bring people together. Privacy is our top priority for our HelpingHomes community. We always ensure that your details are kept confidential so you can focus on why you are here.

This site is available to register anytime of the year. If it is during a bushfire off season, you will be asked to list your email and if you are willing to offer refuge or any other kind of help. Then, you will receive updates via email during the year and a full register form when bushfire season does approach. HelpingHomes is no longer just about reacting to the disasters happening in our country. We want to be prepared for tomorrow, whatever it may bring, wherever it may be.